Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Bayi internet

                          Nowadays, technologies in the finger. In this advertising shows the baby born with the internet. If we think this advertising not logic but full of technologies advance. we can say, in the future maybe more baby born like this without of teaching them to use internet, they know more longer than us. How technologies can take part in the future. What we can conclude is the technologies more faster and can be number one in the world that we need most. 
                         Hopefully, with the technologies advance, people not forget about traditional ways and not too obvious with internet until they ignore relationship with other and surrounding, Even internet has more advantage to build relationship, to keep in touch with others but sometimes internet also give some disadvantages to people because they focus and feel like the world is just focus to their mobile phone. If it happens, people tend not appreciate other and older parent that did'nt know how to use internet. Pity to them and people must aware about this.

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