Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Chanel Perfume

This advertising shows how that company use women to attract customer to buy their product. In this advertising, marketers use sex appeal. Advertisements with sexual undertones are remembered over and over again than advertisements that are not. Sex in advertising contributes to the building of strong, vibrant and long-lasting brands. The incessant use of sex in advertising is a demonstration of the fact that it is an effective tool that works for advertisers.

Women are exploited repeatedly in advertising as sex appeals. But, some do not become conscious that these advertisements are often aimed at women as well. Advertisers obviously want women to think that if they purchase this products, they could look like those stunning, sexy endorsers on the commercials seen on television or in the print ads. Obviously, these sexy clothes are not going to look very good on just anyone, however, at first glance, a woman could think, "wow, she looks splendid; I should get that outfit so I can look that good too."

In truth, women are not the only focus in sexual appeal advertising. Men play a huge part as well.It is rare for advertising to use sex as an appeal for women. Women are often less interested in the sex act itself for its own sake. They are interested in sex for what it can mean in the future. They may enjoy it as much as men, but for them it has far greater significance. 

For media and advertising practitioners, it is important to apprise the audience who will be viewing the ads before putting sexual innuendos into the advertisement piece. Advertisers need to recognize the moral intricacy of sexual appeal in advertising and integrate that understanding in their strategic thought and when designing their commercial pieces. Hence, it is imperative to incessantly reassess what society would consider suitable and consider the full level of consequences of their actions before considering for what they make out as ethically acceptable.